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She had the name Belisa Crepusculario, but she didn't have a baptism certificate, or her mother's wisdom.....Her specialty was was selling words. She traveled through the country, from the tallest and coldest regions to the hot coasts, putting herself in the fairs and in the markets, where she mounted four sticks with a canvas, it protected her from the sun and from the rain in order to tend to her clients. She didn't need advertise her store, because everyone walked by it and everyone knows her. There were those who waited a year for her, and when she appeared in the village the people made a line in the front of her booth. She sold precious words that were right. For five cents, she delivered verses from memory, for seven, she improved the quality of the dreams. For nine, she worte love letters. For twelve, she made up insults for enemies. Also, she sold stories, but they were not fantasy stories, but long histories that left nothing out. So she took the news of the village to another. The people paid her to add one or two lines: to give birth, to die, marrying off children, burning the harvest. In every place she drew a small crowd when she started to speak, and so she entertained the lives of others, the details of the Civil War, the distant relatives. Whomever spent she fifteen cents, she gave a secret word to get rid sadness. It was not the same for all, of course, because that would be decietful. Everyone recieved the certainty that noone would get their word,